I Got Nuthin’

administration cleaning

Nuthin’. I got nuthin’. Well, that’s not exactly true. Another shelf has been cleared and fourth one almost cleared. There are some more books to add to the stack that will be going to Economy Shop and they may be books someone is actually interested in. There’s books on gardening and graphic design (tools from …

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Out of Sight

designbcb yarn

Just the other day I was lamenting about yarns that have been discontinued. I was saddened because it won’t be available to me. It was a setup for a period of mourning. But then I saw this. These are in my bag for the items in my new collection. These are yarns I’ve never used …

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The Things I Do


The things I do. I was at StitchCraft – the knitting group in Knitsville – and I was looking at what everyone was making and it hit me that I knit for my shop while everyone else knits for themselves or as gifts for someone else. Now, I love that I can make a living …

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Everyday family

This is yarn. This is pink yarn. This is pink yarn I have in my stash, I don’t do pink much but I have it for a specific purpose. I also have a nephew – well, I have several wonderful nephews – this one, Alex, made a request that I knit him something. Hear that, …

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Talking Back

Blog Everyday Knitting yarn

It surprises no one in Knitsville that people speak to their yarn. It should surprise no one that there is a habit of the yarn talking back. There’s no real point in speaking with yarn if it’s not going to engage in the conversation. Sometimes yarn even starts first. My yarn is (mostly) in my …

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