It’s been a while since I knit in public. I can’t remember the last time and it was something I did on the regular. I would take my knitting and go sit in the cafe at a bookstore or at one of the Paneras. Most of the time I was alone and I would be enjoying the moment and there would always be a few folks who would comment about it. That was the success of the moment, to have someone comment on my knitting or crochet – even when they got the two confused.

Actually, people don’t call knitting crochet but they often call crochet knitting. This tells me knitting is the dominant even though granny squares have recently given crochet an uptick in popularity.

Covid chased us indoors and my knitting group hasn’t seen the sunlight since. I’m thinking it’s time we emerge again. This also comes on the heels of me wanting to create stuff to sell at church. I can create things at home, of course. but knitting in public is great PR for the craft and for the crafter.  It’s also the end of August. I figure we have about 6 more weeks before the too cool to knit outside/outdoors hits. We still knit in public, but we will be indoors in warm spaces. This is not a complaint.

The pastor asked if I were open to starting a craft circle in the church. Not just for the needle arts but a time and space for folks to come in and paint, draw, as well as do needle work. I am open to that. Knitting in the parlor was a very nice experience. Having a regular place for some creative crafting with all different genre sounds empowering and inspiring. It is something to think about.

In the meantime, I have orders to get out and it’s date night and we are doing Famous Dave’s. That means dinner will be two buffalo wings and a rib tip.