Into the Wild


Mr. Honey released me into the wild last night. He took me to the mall where I met Ellen and Laeh for knit night. It was the first night in a week that I was out of the house and not headed for the hospital to be poked, prodded and padded. Last night was a …

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No Rules for Me

knit sweaters

I promise I will provide an update to the EDS. Now that the yarn sort is over and Mr. Honey has revealed his plan for how he will get the bags in order and lined up, we can move on to other yarny things. I figure the best thing to concentrate on is Elizabeth’s Daughter’s …

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Totally My Fault

Mr. Honey

This is totally my fault. I wanted to let you know about the wedding (it was beautiful) and seeing the family (it was fun) and the weather in Phoenix (I don’t remember but let’s go with hot.) But I can’t. We flew into Phoenix on a Wednesday. The wedding was Friday night and we flew …

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