So this may not be going quite as planned. The yarn sort is done. All the bags that had been hanging out in the hall and the bedroom have been emptied and the fiber has been placed in the storage bags or thrown away. Yes, I have thrown out yarn. I was not going to donate it or give it away and it was too tangled to do anything with so I hardened my heart and sent it to the great yarn stash beyond.

In the end, I used ten of the large, really large storage bags. I’m slightly disappointed it took only eleven or twelve. Mr. Honey originally bought three boxes (which are nine bags total) and bought me three more boxes. There is one box unopened and the other was opened with one taken out but I was able to consolidate two bags into one and return the empty bag to the box. 

The room looks worse than before. Not really, but I thought the bags would line up nice and pretty. Mr. Honey stepped into the room and said I should make path to the bookcase and take out some paperbacks to donate to the PADS folks the next time we go. He said the bags would ‘line up then.’

No, they won’t. Because I was already in the bookcase and they didn’t line up then. 

I am afraid this was just round one. I think I will have to go through the room again and start taking more stuff out. On the other hand, I could knit more. That would eventually clean the room out. I would have to knit about 20 hours a day and live for another 60 years, making me the oldest person on the planet but the room would be clean.

The sacrifice might be worth it.