I promise I will provide an update to the EDS. Now that the yarn sort is over and Mr. Honey has revealed his plan for how he will get the bags in order and lined up, we can move on to other yarny things. I figure the best thing to concentrate on is Elizabeth’s Daughter’s Sweater. I promise there is more to it than the time I took this impromptu photo some weeks back.

For one, the back is done and the front is on the needles and being worked up. Because I was in Phoenix and then the hospital, I have lost the time I work on it in the morning and I am making that time up by working double shifts. I have read the pattern – it is the Echelon sweater by Michelle Wang. I don’t have the idea that she will ever read this blog but just in case, I will note she shouldn’t take it personally that I modified her pattern. I modify all patterns, even my own. I’ve never read a pattern I just did the way they said. Maybe, when I first started out, but the moment I realized the knit gods won’t open the ground beneath my feet because I changed an instruction, it was no rules for me.

I modified the stitch. I modified the increases, shaping and decreases. I’m pretty sure the only thing left of the pattern is the name. Sorry, this has to be done quickly and I tarried too long as it is. But it will be a tunic type sweater just the way she designed it. Thankfully, she doesn’t need me to promote her designs. 

It’s not even a matter of thinking I can do it better. I don’t think that at all. I think of it as more of a ‘you want me to put the left needle where and do what? That sounds like too much work.’ kind of a thing. In other words, it was too complicated when I read it so I don’t want to try it and will instead convert it to something I already know. It’s a wonder I can do something more than garter stitch.

This no rules for me thing really only works in knitting in my life. Everywhere else, there are boundaries. But I press them when I can. So, I will update the EDS and show the pieces and then we can continue on to completion. I said the front would be quicker than the back and I do believe that is the case. You shall see for yourself.