Here’s the pic of the EDS I promised. That’s the back and the beginning of the front. Sorry I couldn’t get it staged better but you know that’s not what I’m about.

It’s a beautiful yarn and if I can find the ball band, I will let you know what it is. It’s Mecha by Malabrigo. There’s no way to get everything to match up so I hope her daughter is eclectic like that. I don’t remember how she had it when I got it but I doubt it was symmetrical.


I am almost ready to break free. I haven’t been out of the house since last Thursday when I had my therapy session. Mr. Honey will be dropping me off to knitting at the mall. Usually it’s two or three of us so we will see how it is tonight. I will just be glad to be out of the house. I am in fear of the escalator catching my leg wraps though I will have shoes on and everything. Then I remembered I was being dropped off. He can drop me off and pick me up on the ground level where the food court is. I don’t have to go anywhere near the escalator except to pass it by.

I will not be taking the sweater with me. It almost seems like I should but I will be taking the prayer shawl with me so I can closer to finishing item 9/10. Is there something wrong with me that I am thinking I can finish off the last two items and get the entire October collection done before the middle of November and then somehow catch up? Not quite sane. I should give that up. We know I won’t though. That’s how my mind works.

I’m not even sure what I will be making in the next collection. I think I will be reintroducing a stocking cap. I look forward to the whole process. But that won’t start until I finish. I will try and control myself. Tonight, I will be happy to be out of the house for a social instead of medical reason. Freedom is a good thing.