This is totally my fault. I wanted to let you know about the wedding (it was beautiful) and seeing the family (it was fun) and the weather in Phoenix (I don’t remember but let’s go with hot.)

But I can’t. We flew into Phoenix on a Wednesday. The wedding was Friday night and we flew back to Chicago on Saturday night and we went from the airport directly to the ER and I spent four days in the Resurrection Hospital hotel.

Diagnosis: Cellulitis. Do not ask me how I contracted a skin disease. I got it before we left and we went to Phoenix with me in discomfort and came back with me in pain. Mr. Honey took a photo of it – you don’t want to see it. Good thing we didn’t go before the wedding or we would not have made it. With all that, there is news in Knitsville.

Mr. Honey had to learn how to ship packages. While I was in the hospital, I had two orders that needed to be shipped. At the time, there was no telling when I would be home so he had to handle to ‘ready to ship’ items. Knitsville has a new postal employee. He forgot to add the free pen to one of the orders but no one knows it’s coming anyway and I forgot to tell him to add the business cards but those things can be forgiven. The good news is all packages were sent.

I also got a special order right before I left and he brought me the things I needed to make it. Here’s the thing about knitting in the hospital; it seems like it would be a great environment to get some stitching in but there are so many distractions. When you contract a skin infection, at least in my case, there were surgeons (it’s a teaching hospital so there were residents in my room at 5 am) infectious disease doctors (for some reason, I needed two of those), my case manager, the head nurse, six nursing students and a chaplain. Not counting the nurse, nurse assistant and my primary care physician, the people who came in to take my blood and do an ultrasound and the guys who came to take me to get a CT done. And the wound nurse (whom I adored.) See what I mean? Not a lot of knitting was done. The hat was finished a couple of days after I got home because I had to recover from my cure.

So, it’s totally my fault that there is no more knitting done. I’ve missed the deadline to finish the September line and start the October line and there aren’t more things in the shop that are ready to ship which is a drag on business. But the good news is the folks in Knitsville were there for me and things are back on track if not exactly caught up. I finished the hat and shipped it, I finished item 6/10 and I am designing a new cabled beanie and I am back with you guys. If there are any of you guys out there. 

Both my legs are wrapped and taped from toe to knee and I have started therapy so there’s a new fun time in Knitsville. But I am working on the EDS and all is right with the main part of the world. I’m itching to get stitching.