Into the Wild

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Mr. Honey released me into the wild last night. He took me to the mall where I met Ellen and Laeh for knit night. It was the first night in a week that I was out of the house and not headed for the hospital to be poked, prodded and padded. Last night was a social occasion but I couldn’t drive. I could barely walk.

I have put walking, simple walking, on my daily schedule and it will be chore to walk from the house to the near corner and we’re the fourth house from the corner.

But, for the first time in I don’t know how many years of having knit night, I thought it would be a good idea to take photos of what we’re working on. In a point of irony, it is called knit night but Laeh doesn’t knit, Ellen knits but prefers crochet. She rarely knits and I do both but prefer knitting. Shannon couldn’t make it because her kid has a game and Miss Vicki was late at work…we think. But there be photos of the folks that did show.

We call Ellen the professional hooker. She went through the certification program and got a sheet of paper and everything. She is always making something for her wardrobe. Whereas, I make nothing for myself. She always wears a shirt with some saying about crochet. I should have take a pic of her shirt but I’m new at this pic story telling. Her shirt this month says, If you think chocolate is addicting; you obviously never tried crochet.

I understand the cuteness of it but I couldn’t help but think knitting is more addictive. Agree to disagree.

Laeh knits baby blankets with the baby’s name written in Hebrew. She designs them and then crochets them. Laeh has a busy ‘real’ life as an athletic trainer in a high school so the blankets get worked on when they can. She seems to start when the parents are still in the expecting stage but seems to finish after the baby is born. That would make sense but the baby for this blanket is almost 2… That’s why the blankets are so big; so the kid can drive over and pick it up.

I feel incredibly selfish. I am working on a prayer shawl that is not for a baby and not for my own closest. I am making a prayer shawl to add to my shop for someone to purchase. Only in my knit group, devoid of knitters, can I be made to feel inadequate because I run my own business.

That’s what friends are for. Putting that aside, I am really liking this prayer shawl. Look at those colors. It looks like they come from one skein but this about four different colorways. I love the random. I have no idea how I am going to describe the color when I write the description but the photos should do most of the work for me. These shawls, being made with random colors, are a successful experiment. I like the freedom they give from having to have more specific yarns on hand. I have a lot of Homespun and it will be used. These shawls are also into the wild and I am hoping they find a place in civilized society. 

Enjoyed last night a little bit more than usual. It’s the little things.

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