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 I’m tasking today. Besides knitting, there’s reading on the schedule and a lot of cleaning. I am in the midst of cleaning the entire downstairs. For every hour of knitting I have to get up and do something. That something is cleaning. I’ve started the with the living room that has the 100 skeins of yarn but …

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Taking a Dive

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I found myself taking a dive into my yarn stash. Remember I mentioned the yarn that is allowed in the living room and then the yarn that makes it to the chair. This is the yarn that made it to the chair. There are some discontinued yarn – I miss the Hatfield Chunky. There are …

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Talking Back

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It surprises no one in Knitsville that people speak to their yarn. It should surprise no one that there is a habit of the yarn talking back. There’s no real point in speaking with yarn if it’s not going to engage in the conversation. Sometimes yarn even starts first. My yarn is (mostly) in my …

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I Want a New Drug

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I want a new drug. Actually, what I need is a new hobby. Knitting was my hobby. But then I recognized it as a spiritual gift and then that gift produced so many finished objects that it became the source of a career.  I still get immense pleasure from knitting and crochet and I do …

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