I want a new drug.

Actually, what I need is a new hobby. Knitting was my hobby. But then I recognized it as a spiritual gift and then that gift produced so many finished objects that it became the source of a career. 

I still get immense pleasure from knitting and crochet and I do it without complaint but now I don’t have a hobby. Technically, a hobby is something done for pleasure and not done for pay or professionally but some with skill or proficiency. Of course, proficiency takes time. 

I’m thinking piano/keyboard. I played some in college. Maybe exercise. Reading for pleasure is nice to think on. As long as I don’t read pattern books.

I don’t think Candy Crush qualifies for hobby life though it fits the criteria and I can play it for long stretches. I can write as a hobby. But I’ve written professionally and I would want to publish anything I wrote.

If not keyboard, then studying voice. I don’t but my voice is older and changing; maybe lessons will help. Maybe I can get a view more years singing in choir.

Miniature golf is also a possibility. I wasn’t good at regular golf When I don’t care if I lose miniature golf. I just want to make par and have fun. And it takes care of the exercise thing.

The decision doesn’t have to be made this second. I don’t have to choose right now. I want something that captures my interest. Something that is a productive use of my times and moved with me through my life. Something I am glad to have as a regular part of what I do. Something I truly enjoy.

Maybe sleep. My body is my happiness project so maybe I can make sleep my new hobby. Imma think on it. Pray on it. Sleep on it.