The 4,3,2,1 Collection is ready for Pre-Launch

I’ve been working on this new collection for a few weeks – the entire month of May – and it’s finished and ready to be previewed.

Members of the Style Posse mailing list or private Facebook page will get the first look at the collection and access to the private sale page.

There, they will be able to purchase any item from the collection, ready to ship and with the discount already applied.

Want to get in on it? will take you to signup for the mailing list

Even though I can’t show you what’s in the collection, at least not here, I can say the collection got its name because there are 4 slouchy hats, 3 scarves, 2 patterns and 1 beret and it’s a combination of designbcb classics with new items.
While you’re looking over the 4,3,2,1 Collection, I’ve already started working on the next collection which will also consist of new products with new looks on designbcb’s most popular items.