This is my brain. I have no idea what’s going on in there. Except it’s jammed. It must be jammed because I started something I cannot take back and will have to see it through and if I survive – well, I will celebrate with chocolate in several forms.

I am working on a sweater for a friend’s daughter that is the sweater from hell. Her daughter started it and the pattern is not simple and the yarn is not exactly right and the needles weren’t either and there was a section where the yarn was all cut up. It was a mess. 

And I said I would fix it. Before I knew the extent of it. Looking at it and the pattern, I decided the best thing to do was start it all over. I am now on my third starting over but this time I think I got it because I decided to start over and just design the sweater and put it aspects of the original pattern. The original pattern is overly complicated. But no one really knows that until they get the pattern then try and follow it. We look at the picture and we want the pretty thing in the picture. I took a look at the pretty sweater then pulled out some books and went to the Google until I could find the sleeves that were in the picture. Having found them. I got the pattern in my head and that’s what I’m sticking with.

I do not regret this decision though I’ve had this sweater for nearly a year. I will finish it by the end of September. Which is the time I have also given myself to finish an afghan I started two years ago. I need to finish it because it will be the wedding afghan I give to a most beloved niece who is getting married the first week of October.

It is also the time I will have completed ten new items of the next collection – including 4 patterns – hey, maybe the sweater can be one. Yep, this is what a normal brain does and how a normal person functions. Is it any wonder I want to know what’s going on? Or do I really want to know? Maybe I’m better off not thinking about it but just doing it. Don’t have a goal – have a plan and then get after it. That’s gonna be the spirit here. 

This will require a lot of chocolate.