The headbands are coming! There will be several kinds. I think 10 is going to be magic launch number and they will be ready to ship which means the inventory is going to change. The first launch will be the crochet twisted. They will be in the GoImagine shop first. Then designbcb on Etsy.


Have I had fun doing them? Yep. The crochet ones are quick to make and it’s interesting to see what ball of yarn is going to come into my hands next. It is almost random. Definitely going to use the skeins and ball that have been leaving the yarn life of ease. Oddly, I haven’t been keeping track of what I’ve made. Thinking I probably should.

Another interesting thing will be happening with the stash balls. Not only will I make a headband but also a luggage tag and then the left over yarn will go into a scrap afghan. The design is in my head. I have a whole tote bag dedicated to the idea. A unique afghan will come from it. There won’t be another like it and they won’t come along very often. Very boho; instant scarcity. This appeals to me very much. Today. But we know what my attention span is like. It’s a miracle I have that many headbands. But for now, intrigued.