Knitting Vs Crochet: do you have a preference?

The debate continues: which one is better? It is an ancient argument.

For the record, knitting is older – way older.

This is knitting.

This is crochet.

They are different – though people tend to use them interchangeably.

I learned them both at the same time but my sister got me some yarn and needles and knitting won out. It would be more than 20 years before I picked up a crochet hook.I was married and learned my mother-in-law had to give up knitting in favor of crochet because of her eyesight and pain in her hands.

It was frustrating because I wanted to make granny squares and ended up with granny cups. Then a friend introduced me to the crochet corner. I made the squares and then the blankets and the sold the blankets in my shop.

Crochet is fun and has an elegance but knitting is my go to. I find there are more things to create with knitting than with crochet. I find the stitching more beautiful.

So I don’t make this post extremely long, here is an article by none other than Martha Stewart to talk you through the differences between the two.

I am gaining respect for crochet. It is faster. Mistakes are easier to fix and the right stitch combinations are lovely. The half double crochet is my favorite and paired with either a single crochet or double crochet, makes a lovely stitch.

But knitting is flat out beautiful. The smoothness of the stockinette stitch and the texture of the bamboo stitch and the fact you can blend the two if them together and make a beautiful fabric is still fascinating to me.

There are two projects going: a knit set of golf club covers and a crochet afghan. The covers have faux cables in them. Cables don’t look good in crochet. They instantly looked dated to me. But the flow of the afghan pattern is lovely and you just want to touch it. Crochet is more sensual because you’re always touching the fabric. In knitting, you are always touching the needles.

I am finding I don’t want to choose between them anymore and I am happy I know how to do both and to design in both.