When he drives, I get to knit. And when he drives all the way to Pittsburgh from Chicago, I get to knit a lot! I actually knit more than what you see here. The scrubbies and the other hat isn’t here. What makes this group unique is that they all came from the same ball of yarn.

This is one skein of Caron One Pound Ombre in the color, Sepia. I started the scarf before we left but it’s what I worked on when I got in the car. The scrunchie was next. The Christmas stocking and then the pom-pom. There was nothing left. Well, there would have been. Went a little crazy on the fringe for the scarf. I started to put them back together and decided that was being a little too yarny. 

These items are being made for the craft show in October. I have decided what I am going to make: Scarves for kids and adults, Scrunchies, (my inexpensive offering), the Every Day beanie with a yarn or fur pom-pom, Christmas Stockings, market bags, scrubbies and wash/dish cloths.

I loved the results so much, I picked up four more balls of the ombre in fun colors. Also picked up some new Caron Macchiato cakes and then sent for some of the new Anniversary cakes. The good thing is I’ve used more than I ordered. (No idea if that’s true but I thougjt I’d give it a shot.)

The fun thing I made that’s not shown (yet) is the double knit beanie. It started as a simple beanie but my mind changed mid knit. I’ve had the pattern for years and don’t know what was stopping me from doing it. I brought a lot of yarn with me but there was nothing I wanted to use with the brown tweed. There was some off white tweed at home so it waited and I finished it off this morning.

I ordered the Anniversary cakes with the idea of making a poncho. But I certainly have several of the cakes I can use. I’m sure I will do it. I’m feeling pretty confident after the double knit hat.

It’s a DIY cable show kind of day around here. I’m making catfish for dinner. I decided to whip up an apple/celery/red onion salad. Which would be better if I actually had red onion. I am also making coco bread. Sweet garlic coco bread. I know, I should have my own show, right?