The Cozy Suzette Pattern is available in the designbcb Etsy shop!

I’ve already written about the spa cloth here. There are yarn reviews for the fiber. I sold some wash cloths at the last craft show last week. Kinda vindicates my making them and the scrubbies. The scrubbies were the big hit of the day!

I’ve been thinking about making a garment. I have done sweaters for other folks but nothing for me and nothing I put into the shop. I don’t want to make fitted clothing for sale because that just seems like pain waiting to be inflicted but a poncho – maybe?

I’m still in love with this poncho I made for a friend and want to make one for myself.  Or this one seems like a good choice. I don’t know what the hesitation is. I may have to conquer it just to get it out the way. 

I easily imagine myself in a poncho or a sweater – usually I’m walking into a church meeting. Don’t know the connection there but I don’t fight it.

The thing that might push me over the edge is if Caron comes out with new Anniversary colors. I have fallen in love with that yarn and though I don’t love it enough to buy it full price, I do love it enough to know that when new colors come, despite the stash busting that will probably be going on, I am going to splurge and put down a good chunk of change to get some. They are bound to have some colors I like. 

Stop over to the shop and pick up the pattern for the spa cloth. Or drop over to the GoImagine shop for ready to ship!