If I was told I had to choose between knit and crochet, I would pick knitting. Don’t get me wrong, crochet is growing on me and I look forward to crochet projects – but maybe for the wrong reasons.

Crochet is faster and less complicated. These are good things. When I need a crafting sugar rush, I would reach for a crochet project. Crochet is more sensual and it does satisfy. I talk about the differences of knit and crochet in this post.

But the strengths of crochet is also the reason I prefer knitting. It takes more of my brain to knit.  Despite the fact I can knit with my eyes closed but I need them open and looking at the fabric when I crochet. The end result of knitting is almost always worth the effort put into it. Holding on to two, three, up to five needles requires dexterity of hands and mind. The hat, blanket or sweater is a monument to the work.

I love the smoothness of the knit stitch – even when it is textured. The rhythm of the stitches catches my eye. I appreciate it so much more.  Getting the same spiritual satisfaction from crochet involves smaller stitches so the texture can be eye pleasing. Crochet stitches are naturally more textured and bumpy. My favorite stitch is the half double crochet because it gives a smoother appearance. Double crochet, unless used in a pattern, throws me a little.

For a different perspective, here is an article why crochet is better and they give pretty good reasons – but still. This really isn’t a battle. I do both. I love doing both. They both speak to me. It’s the feeling when I’m done that rules. Knitting makes me feel better.