I found myself taking a dive into my yarn stash. Remember I mentioned the yarn that is allowed in the living room and then the yarn that makes it to the chair. This is the yarn that made it to the chair.

There are some discontinued yarn – I miss the Hatfield Chunky. There are colors I didn’t know I would ever have. Can you say hello pink? Of the yarns I see clearly, I haven’t used any of them and I am on item 4/10. I also decided to use the same fiber for 4 that I used in 3.

It was fun picking this month’s elite yarns. I can purchase more yarn til December. That can be a pain the arse when there are so many good sales but discipline is nothing if it’s not used so taking a dive in the stash has to suffice.

There are some yarns that didn’t make the cut that are putting up a little fuss, but they are appeased with my idea for what they will be.

I help them see themselves as mittens and fingerless gloves. They like the idea. I like it when yarn and I can live in peace.