Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

And Just Like That

And Just Like That…I may have a new hobby. But it’s not a hobby; it’s a project. My new project is happiness. And I know I got it right because of how happy I felt when I thought of it. I smiled – out loud. I must be on to something.

I know I said before my body was my happiness project and that still stands. I want to improve my body as it ages and it performs way older than my spirit feels. The solution was to either age my spirit or change my body. And why would I age my spirit.

So, now I eat better (OK, I eat less) and I am putting exercise back in. It is a slow build up because I used to be an athlete. The key is not to get bogged down in the failures because that breeds pretty quickly. The other key is to constantly remember the first key.

What got me smiling out loud? The first hour of my morning has been spent on writing yarn reviews for Knitsville and placing a new pattern in my Ravelry store. This morning I realized I was finished with my yarn reviews. I don’t think I am using any new yarns with the new collection and putting up the new pattern was pretty quick. So, I had free time with that first hour. 

And I didn’t know what to do with it.

I thought of filling it with a church related activity. I am the Communication Coordinator for my church and there is much to do. But that brought me a little low more than lifted me up. My mind ran thorough a couple of other things before deciding I wanted happiness. I wanted to do something that wasn’t so work related and church and my career are work. I wanted to breathe.

And now, I have to go. I have an appointment in a half hour to get my hair cut. And I will be so happy when that’s done. But I’m not dressed. I’m gonna go have some happy moments.