This looks familiar…this pattern looks familiar. It’s not a knit or crochet pattern. It’s a behavorial pattern. Remember when I said I needed a new hobby? It was reading. Remeber? I thought reading would be fun and relaxing and something I could get back into. I still believe it could be all those things. 

The problem (one of them) with technology is that when you go on the interweb and you select something – like a book – then your email gets all these notifications about these new books. And just like with yarn, I now have a stash of books on my iPad just waiting for me to get to. Granted, a great many of these books were free and very few of them cost over a couple of dollars but I don’t know when I am going to get to them.

Kind of like these yarn beauties. I still have them; haven’t used them – or much of them. I couldn’t quite tell you where they are. Well, I kinda could. Before anyone asks, the yarn in the mesh bags came from Paintbox yarns. The others came from a JoAnn sale that was about two years ago – maybe longer.

I think my point, if there is a point, is that this is a compulsive behavior. An addiction of sorts that I have to nip in the bud. Even if the books are free, if I am not going to use them, I’m just contributing to the clutter.

This may even apply to yarn. (I heard the collective gasp and I feel your pain.) But it’s true. I still prowl the yarn sites as if I need or want new fiber to come and just sit in my studio. I have not yet made new purchases and I am determined not to. This behavior will be modified. I will gladly knit and read what I have on hand. When there is room – meaning when the clutter is cleared – I will add to both stashes. I am determined.