I can knit and chill. It’s one of the perks for knitting for a living. I can watch the t&v at the same time. Except, I don’t watch the t&v much anymore. Is Comcast still a thing? I ask because I haven’t had cable in years and I don’t miss it one bit. What I paid for in a month, I pay for in a year with everything I stream and I can watch it on my laptop and take it with me. So I can knit and chill anywhere and not be concerned because someone else in the house (or hotel room) wants to watch their own thing.

Isn’t technology wonderful? As much as it makes some folks cringe, I have to say my go to stream is here. I know, it’s part of the evil empire. But it’s already January and I can still count on Christmas movies for at least another few weeks and more if I do a search for them. 

There are rules to streaming: I only do one series at a time. So on Netflix, I am doing The First Wives Club, Discovery + is Vanity Fair Confidential and Disney+ is Andor because I am watching the Star Wars saga in order – minus the cartoon stuff. I have standards. 

There are other times when I binge quiet and silence. Every once in a while the noise of anything gets to be too much and only nothing will do. 

I know ‘they’ say we shouldn’t have too much screen time because it makes us less social and more isolated and I get that. I do have a real time, 3d life. But as far as work goes, there are worse gigs than being able to watch streaming programs as you work. I should look into whether I can write it off as a business expense.