It’s Ready. It’s all painted and the yarn has started to move in and I can’t believe this is going on.

As the new space is filling up, the old space is emptying out and both of these yin and yang events are having a way with me. Right now, the thing that is bothering me is all the yarn will still not fit. 
Bins will be out in the open and not on shelves. Oh, the drama.

The big furniture. The sofa sleeper, bookcase and table all have to be brought in at some point.

The flooring for the living room and hall has been chosen. Of course, it’s not in stock and will take 1-2 weeks to get here but that’s not a thing. There’s so much more to do in getting the house ready.

In the meantime, knit wise,There are 10 open projects. The idea was to have a production line but things erupted. Four of them are one session away from being completed.This is my latest completed item. The pattern and the finished item are both available in the shop. This page has yarn reviews.

The etagere will be coming over next. It needs to be taken down. Photos coming, of course.