Let me explain how this whole office/yarn room purge works.For the record, this is not my office, either. Mine is way worse. But I am a little bit heady with success at the moment. I finished the hat I was working on and started the new design for what I was gonna call the ski bum hat. But have decided it needs a new name. Because I am making with colors from the Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority (no, I am a member of Alpha Psi Omega) and because it is a beanie suited for a guy, I am calling it the Sorority/Fraternity Beanie. I know, it’s not the greatest name and I am open to suggestions on a name that will suit the intention..something like SoFra.. hey that might work, let me think about it.

I also have had some success in my happiness project. My body is my happiness project and I’ve been moving more. This week – Sunday to Saturday – I’ve managed to get in more than 100 minutes of exercise. Considering I used to play more than 4 hours of tennis a day, that is nothing. But given the stuff my body has been going through, that is a lot and I am not vain enough to not know it. I see my doctor this Thursday for my annual, and I am determined to have the 100 minutes that took seven days to get, done by then.

So, what does this have to do with the purge or even knitting? Well, I would be bored to tears if all I had to do was come into the room and just clean. The idea was to do it for 15 minutes and then put it behind me for the day but I asked Cortana to set the alarm for an hour and then I mixed in the cleaning with reading a knitting blog and moisturizing my ankle which needs massive amounts of coconut oil. 

The end result is that I have found more books to go to the Economy Shop. I discovered a couple of knitting books I haven’t seen in a while and was wondering where they got to. My ankle is feeling softer (still got some work to do there) and I am catching up with the blog. I have another strange quirk. I started at the very beginning of the blog I am reading. It is 15 years old and because I know what the blog writer has been up to recently, it’s like being in a Star Trek time warp.

And there’s a shelf that clear. Or it will be when I remove the last five books/other stuff on it and determine if they are keepers or goners. I then imagine me taking the books from the floor and putting them on the shelf in a neat order. I have no illusion that all the books will fit on that one shelf. Though they should, there are less books going back than came off but the universe has a way of mocking me. I tread lightly.

This is how I know my life is blessed. This is the stuff that brings me happiness. There are things that bring me low but in the scheme of all things, this is a pretty good life when clearing one shelf of a five shelf bookcase can make you breathe easily and deeply. 

One step closer to an organized yarn room/office. Love it.