Pillow Talk


There’s all kinds of pillow talk. Mr. Honey goes to bed well before I do but I went to bed early (before midnight) and he wasn’t fully asleep so I felt free to talk. The conversation went something like this: I’ve decided how to sort the yarn. Oh. Well, it decided for itself. It’s being …

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The Project


Let’s get something straight off the bat: this is not my office/craft room. My room is dark and cluttered with books, papers and free range and caged yarn. There are two desks, two bookcases, 30 bins and countless bags of yarn. Along with the papers and books. None of it is tidy.  I love a …

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Work Hours

Everyday housework

I try to keep work hours but that hasn’t really worked out well. So, I put little activities in between work sessions but yesterday, Mr. Honey told me to put the knitting aside and clean up the living room so the new refrigerator could go through easily. So, I did. I don’t come from housekeepers …

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