Photo by Andrea Davis from Pexels

There’s all kinds of pillow talk. Mr. Honey goes to bed well before I do but I went to bed early (before midnight) and he wasn’t fully asleep so I felt free to talk. The conversation went something like this:

I’ve decided how to sort the yarn.
Well, it decided for itself. It’s being sorted by brand/type. But I’ve run into a snag.
A bag snag? (Followed by laughter because he cracks himself up
Do the remnants get their own bag? I think I need a bag for miscellaneous yarn. Yarn that I don’t buy regularly or will never buy again.
Do you actually use remnants?
Sure. The afghan downstairs is being made with remnants.
Wow. (He is impressed with the falling leaves afghan.) I approve.
You approve?
Of the way you’re sorting.
But do the remnants get their own bag?
Yes and the miscellaneous yarn, too.

Don’t envy me what happens in my bedroom when the lights go out. Do your own pillow talk.

Today’s decluttering uncovered a package of medium yarn bobbins still in their packaging. These were purchased on my last trip to Denver or the previous one – which means they were purchased about four years ago. Which is probably the last time I saw them. They were just sitting on the floor underneath another tote bag filled with yarn. I’ve learned to just forgive myself and move on. 

I also rediscovered the doors to my bookcase. I have a really beautiful bookcase in the yarn room. This is the bookcase that doesn’t have yarn books but regular, normal books on the shelves. I am sure some of these books can make their way to the Economy Shop when the other books finally start going there. I say this because I also rediscovered two boxes of books Mr. Honey brought up to the yarn room a few years ago. My books had been living in the garage and he thought 20 years of that was enough. He set me up outside and made me cull down my books. I think a quarter of the books went away, a quarter went back into the garage (because he ain’t the boss of me) and the rest ended up in the yarn room. This weekend will find me dealing with books instead of yarn. That will be a nice reprieve and maybe I will find this book I’ve been wanting to reread.

Is it weird I’m a little excited about getting this stuff sorted?