I’m sure there should be some kind of photo here. But I don’t even know what that picture should be. The news in Knitsville; the news from the yarn room redux is a bit confusing. For certain and ‘in progress’ photo of the actual space is not gonna happen. Because it cannot be agreed upon, this will have to do:

On the one hand, the yarn sorting is going well. There are big Hefty storage bags filled with yarns sorted by types. The problem is there aren’t enough bags. The yarn sorted so far is the yarn that is still in the yarn room. Not the bags that have been in the hallway and the bedroom for the past couple of weeks. 

There will be more bags needed. Maybe not as many as nine but probably more than three. I’m thinking we should do six. Mr. Honey came downstairs the other day and asked why I have more yarn in the yarn room than when I started the sorting. I assured him I had not. I had to think about it a little. Maybe I did a sneak of some yarn in the room while I was sleep shopping walking. Don’t look at me that way; it’s a thing. There was an episode of Criminal Minds where a guy killed people while sleep walking. Sleep shopping doesn’t involve the breaking of the law or any of the commandments. Nope, I didn’t do any of that. I had to explain to him that we couldn’t see all that was in there when it was all a jumble but now that there is some kind of controlled chaos, it looks like there’s more. But I was really surprised there wasn’t more. I also had to admit I was surprised the bags filled up and we’re gonna need more bags.

The good citizens of Knitsville have resolved that I will not have one of those pristine ‘studio’ kinds of yarn room. I have the spare bedroom that is still painted bachelor beige from Mr. Honey’s bachelor days and is small and dark yarn room. They will love me anyway.

In more knitting like knitting news, I am on 6/10 – yes with just two days to go. I am not going to make it. Nor is the afghan for my niece’s wedding going to be done. Though, I did have the idea of creating a new pattern for the afghan and that can go as one of my items this month – because I am clever like that. I am challenging myself to get the afghan done. The wedding is next Friday at 6 in the evening. Why the heck not? Stay tuned. Let’s see how this turns out.