I try to keep work hours but that hasn’t really worked out well. So, I put little activities in between work sessions but yesterday, Mr. Honey told me to put the knitting aside and clean up the living room so the new refrigerator could go through easily. So, I did. I don’t come from housekeepers so it took me all day to do it but I did not pick up my knitting until the living room was what I would pass off as clean. I’d even open the door of someone came by; that’s how confident I am.

But ignoring my knitting wasn’t easy. It was bad enough to have all the yarn piled up in one section of the living room where they could actually organize but then to ignore the cowl design I’m working on. And the bobbles. That took a force of nature I didn’t know I possessed.

So, it’s livable and passable and I have vowed never to let it revert again. It is but a springboard to better cleaning and better living. Then Mr. H announced we may not need a new fridge. He noticed ice was blocking the vents and now he’s doing an experiment to see if the fridge is cooling again after clearing them.

The yarn is saying it was an attempt to come between us. But that doesn’t sound like him. More like a trick to get me to finally have a significant cleaning session. That makes more sense. The poor guy as something of a clean freak and I was a lot better pre-Etsy. 

But now, there can be peace again in the kingdom. Just have to do the living room and kitchen and he will be one happy camper and I will be a happy camera’s wife.

And the yarn won’t have to suffer separation anxiety anymore.