Tangled yarnsAh, the tangled web we weave…My friend, Melissa, loves detangling yarn. This would send her over the moon. I look at this and give myself a lecture on taking  better  care of my things. Click the links for tips on how to detangle.

I am going to have to deal with this. I need that cream yarn to finish my afghan. I also know I will breathe just that much easier when I resolve the issue of the tangled web of yarn. I now that somewhere within my freedom loving soul, I like order. I know that when I clear up the tangles and put the rest of the yarns in their prospective bins, I will look around the room, inhale and exhale deeply and love the open space that will be around me. 

I am beginning 2024 the same way I began 2023: the acknowledgment that I have too much yarn. I don’t recall – and I won’t look to see – if I had a plan to cull the herd. But I do have a plan for 2024. It is to design more and get more patterns out there. Then to sell at more live shows and to donate more finished items. The church ministry for crafts can be a vehicle for that.

All that is well and good. But I will have to deal with this entanglement. The longer I put it off, the more it will bug me. Better to end the year and start the year, unbugged.