If you have a Plan B; you don’t have a Plan A

  I learned this in my business coaching class.  Then my coach said Plan B is to get Plan A to work.

I am feeling progress in my faith, business and health aspects of my life and it is a hopeful sensation. I know I will survive and get to where I’m going.

The first product for launch has been selected for designbcb on Go Imagine and on Etsy. The plan for my health map to success has been procured and faith is the unbrella that covers it all. I’m not setting this up for 2023. I’ve started now – today. There’s nothing magical about the first of January but there’s all kinds of magic in today.

So how goes the yarn sorting?


This is from the first day of the sort. Bins just filled wily-nily with yarn. That used to be fun until it was very efficient. A change had to come.

yarn stash 1

This wasn’t exactly the change I had in mind but the bins needed to be emptied and the yarn had to go somewhere.

And so it went all over the room.

It was madness. You’ll have to wait and see how it turned out for that section of the sorting. It is not glamorous by any means. But it is functional and I smile when I see it. That’s pretty much all that matters. The idea is for it to be functional for me to use. That’s the only plan – there is no other. Gotta make it work.