Progress progressing on the organization front. I have to admit I like the fact there is some order to the bins. I also have to admit how surprised I was to find certain yarns I didn’t know I still had and how much of it. 

I suppose that’s what organization is about. Marie Kondo would be proud. Well, not totally proud. Some would say it’s still a little messy. They would be right. But I’m taking my wins where they are.


I am nowhere near done. There was a pile of yarn on the desk. Little piles all around the room. It’s making me a little anxious. On the other hand, I can kinda see a little down the road and it will be better. I will have an issue with having a boat load of one color and just a canoe load of another. When I get to the collapsible bins, there may have to be a lot of color sharing in one bin. I’m curious to see how that will eventually come out. The hope is to get to the domesticated yarn in the closet and see what surprises await in there. I have been in there looking around and I know I am going to be surprised at what I find.

I am seriously close to declaring I have too much yarn. (She writes as she’s had a delivery of yarn this week and expecting another one soon.)