Discovery Channel

Everyday hats

It’s like the Discovery Channel – Knitsville Edition. Where the folks in Knitsville are putting away the winter clothing and pulling out the summer clothing only to discover some fall clothing no one remembered they had. That is to say, I have found a number of hats and scarves hiding away in places and there …

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The Grass is Greener


You know that saying the grass is greener on the other side? It’s true but we want to get on that other side anyway. I wanted to get to that other side in this moving thing and learn how to live in a condo. That has happened.They moved us in two hours and we were …

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Nowhere Fast


If you’re reading this anywhere in the world, I don’t have to tell you about the Coronavirus, Covid-19 pandemic/ I am in Illinois, Chicago, to be exact and we are under sheltering orders until the end of the month – or we were. The governor extended it to the end of May but some businesses …

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Yes and No


Has there been progress made in the move? Yes and No. There’s nothing new in the studio but Mr. Honey and his brother have done the floor in the living room and the hallway. I’ve also done my first product shots at new place. That’s something like progress. The floor is gorgeous. He and his …

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It’s Ready

office yarn room

It’s Ready. It’s all painted and the yarn has started to move in and I can’t believe this is going on. As the new space is filling up, the old space is emptying out and both of these yin and yang events are having a way with me. Right now, the thing that is bothering …

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