Has there been progress made in the move? Yes and No. There’s nothing new in the studio but Mr. Honey and his brother have done the floor in the living room and the hallway. I’ve also done my first product shots at new place.

That’s something like progress. The floor is gorgeous. He and his brother left it covered in sawdust and I got out the vacuum and the Swiffer and it cleaned up great. It’s even more gorgeous than the photo. 

There are boxes in the dining room/kitchen, bedroom and studio but they can’t be unboxed because there’s no place to put the stuff in the boxes and that’s because we haven’t moved the furniture. I didn’t know moving companies were considered essential so I didn’t even think about scheduling them during a Coronavirus pandemic but they are working. Now the floors are done, we can seriously think about doing a shift from living at the house and coming to the condo to living at the condo and going to the house to get it ready to sell.

It’s not quite real yet. I’ve spent time in the studio and even in its present state, I find it comfortable. I like the bathrooms – better than the one in the house. But I still can’t imagine us being here. I think the shift will help with that and get me in the mindset of saying good-bye to the place I’ve lived the in the longest.

In knit news, like I said, I took some photos at new place.

These are not edited but they came out fine. There’s a small patio area – not even big enough to be a patio – can’t set a chair out there though you could get a small gas grill there. But it will work well for taking photos.

Though these have yet to be put up for sale, you can find the available market and beach totes right here at designbcb.

I also completed a hat and a pair of mittens which I will happily share once I get pics of them. 

I also had 3 sales – 2 patterns and 1 order for a hooded scarf. That’s always good news. 

So, not in the condo but getting closer. Decisions made and more packing to do but knitting goes on. Hopefully, there will be more to share next time.