This is the free range yarn. On my daily schedule, I have some sessions set aside to tidy the workspace. It can be a most productive 12 mnutes 34 seconds. The last time around, the yarn was all over the sofa – no one could sit down – and more scattered than it is here. So, I gathered it all up.

There is plenty in there to show you. The yarns to replace the fiber of my best seller hat. There are two of them. There are new yarns for prayer shawls and for some new items I have in mind for the new shop. New shop, you say? YES! Whole bunch of new going round here.

I have something on the hook that is really going to be cute and you will see it in due time. It is not my design and I haven’t even modified it yet. I’m doing it in a yarn and color I’ve used a lot but it will still look great.

The free range yarn is going to stay there for a bit because there is no place else to put it. I am hoping I won’t need to get to the domesticated yarn in the closet because that would be a pain to get to. I’m working on one final order and I have all the yarn on the back of the sofa. So, we should be good.