Pillow Talk


There’s all kinds of pillow talk. Mr. Honey goes to bed well before I do but I went to bed early (before midnight) and he wasn’t fully asleep so I felt free to talk. The conversation went something like this: I’ve decided how to sort the yarn. Oh. Well, it decided for itself. It’s being …

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The Diurnal Tide

afghans Knitting

Lest you think there is really nothing going on here in Knitsville, let me assure you the citizens of our fair village are keeping an eye on me. At least one eye each. I have several projects going on with the idea of finishing each of them by the end of September. The Do You …

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Moving Closer

cleaning Everyday housework

The rest of the office is still in shambles. There won’t be any before photos because even with great after pictures, that would still qualify me for the next Hoarders special. I can live without that. But we are moving closer to the finish line – kinda like mile three of a marathon closer. There’s …

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