You have this plan and you work the plan. You think the plan is going along just fine. Then you wake up and it’s Welcome to September, the doorstep of your busy season and you find maybe the plan needs a little tweaking.

This is what I did with my August. I finished them in August, too. That was a good thing considering I started working on them August 7th or something like that. I know I didn’t start them the first day of August. All the photos are done as well. So now starts the administrative piece of getting them ready to be sold.

The plan is a good one: create 10 items a month. That’s pretty straightforward. But I started the plan in June and here we are in the fall and I will have just 60 items in the shop. For those who are math minded, I had some patterns that were already up in the shop.

I’m gonna stick with the plan because it is an ongoing one. I may have less items in the shop than usual but I don’t know how well the plan works or where the tweaks need to be made until I see if the plan worked.

In the meantime, I have already done 1/10 for the new Do You Collection and I’m about to get busy with 2/10. Cuz knitting never stops in Knitsville.