This is yarn. This is pink yarn. This is pink yarn I have in my stash, I don’t do pink much but I have it for a specific purpose.

I also have a nephew – well, I have several wonderful nephews – this one, Alex, made a request that I knit him something. Hear that, Mr. Honey? Alex asked that I knit him something.

A pair of pink gloves.


At first I thought he was kidding but he reminded a few months ago that he still didn’t have them and he still wanted them/ So, I have it on my list to knit the kid (almost high school age) a pair or pink gloves.

Here’s the thing: I’ve never knit gloves. Fingerless mitts. Mittens. Those I have done but not a pair of gloves.I have scoured Ravelry and found this. I will be using that pattern when I start working on them It looked simple enough. Which means, I will change it around to suit me better. It’s what I do. IT’s the fingers that give me pause. That looks like work. Each finger put on dpns and worked. Makes me think the best thing to do is just knit the middle finger. Oh c’mon, I can’t be the first person who thought of that.

I am beginning to think there are no rules to man knitting. I thought my nephew would forget he made the request and he was very firm with his reminder and that he likes pink and he doesn’t care who says anything about it. He likes what he likes and he’ll stand on it. That boy is so getting a pair of pink gloves made by his auntie.

I wonder if male knitters know what guys want. I know they won’t have problems with their girlfriends. While a man may scoff if a woman says her boyfriend knit her a sweater, this is something she will lead with on a girls’ night out.

“Hey, girl, how you doing?’
“My boyfriend made me this sweater.”