For the record, for the people who may be reading this in the future. For me, who may be reading this in the future – at the moment, the entire world is facing down a pandemic.

Coronavirus or Covid-19, is sweeping the world causing illness and death. Entire countries are telling citizens to keep six feet apart from each other, only leave the house when necessary. There are no sports, no Disney World, no movies, no casual shopping. USPS is open. Restaurants are carry out, pick up or delivery. Churches – most of them – are holding services online.

But We Got it Good. 

I say this though there is an incredible amount of suffering going on. People are not working which means people are not making money, Which means people cannot put food on their table. Schools are closed. Food banks which normally serve 300 a day, are now having 2000 day show up. The food banks are having financial trouble meeting that need because no one is working to contribute funds to food banks and stores are having to limit groceries for those who can still go because certain items become hoarding targets. Bread, eggs, rice are all a crap shoot.

But we must have it good because we can do this.They suggest we wear masks in public. Some places it is mandatory. And we are worried about catching this disease and passing it on so we wear them. And then drop them on the ground when we leave the store. Litter? Nope. Got to rush home and get inside before something gets infected. Someone else will take care of that.

This isn’t the only place. We humans are leaving these things by the roadside. Because we can’t discard them in the house or even sneak them in a neighbor’s garbage can in the alley.

Because the world is sheltering in place, the environment gets a break from us. Pollution levels in the air have improved, animals are roaming more freely around the national parks and other places because man is not there to observe and interfere. The seas are catching their breath because we are not there to empty it for our food. 

But we’ve found a way to trash it still.

We Got it Good personally. I can sit here and have a rant about what other people are doing. My stocks took a hit but I think the bank account is fine and our fridge has food. I’m thinking about how to rebound my business when this is over and wondering if I should jump on the making masks train. No.

There are lessons. I have to make sure I learn mine.