It looks all innocent and stuff. But looks can fool you. I’ve been in the house since last Wednesday (a week ago) because the ground is slippery and I am not known for my ability to walk on frozen water. So Mr. Honey has been doing all the comings and goings and I have been staying indoors doing the knitting and crocheting.

I still have more than 20 orders to get out the door and the stocking cap seems to have pulled out ahead of the rest of the items. There has been a nice mix of hats and scarves thrown in but the striped cap pulled ahead and is the popular one this season.

Of course, making the same hat over and over can be a pain. I have design time built into my schedule. That’s the time I start working on new items. So what’s the first new item of 2022? A version of the stocking cap.

This is another case of looks can fool you. Can you see the sparkle? It’s there and really pretty. I’m using Big Twist Twinkle and I have to say I’m liking it. I will have to do the yarn review but I have to say I like it. 

The temperature today will be just a shade below freezing and tonight is date night so chances are good I will leave the house. But if I don’t, there’s a lot of knitting going on and an electric sherpa blanket.

All’s right with the world.