Thy will be done is, of course, part of the Lord’s Prayer. It is also a part of knitting. I have finished the prayer shawl and have started making another Taffy Pull scarf in the colorway Pistachio Macaron. I had to measure the chain that started the scarf as the pattern says it’s 85 inches but the last few I’ve made have been more than 90 or more. That’s because I didn’t allow for the stretch of the chain when I started doing rows.

I don’t have a problem with it being longer, long scarves are on trend, but it may be a little disconcerting if you’re expecting something to be 7 feet and it turns out to be 9. Like a guy. There’s a big difference between a guy who’s 7 feet and one who is 9 feet. You’re gonna get a nose bleed looking at him either way but at least you’ll see his face if he’s shorter.

But here’s the thing: if I stretch the fabric when I measure it, I feel like I’m cheating. So I either go with making it longer or compromise and go halfsies. That allows for a little stretch and ease. I can also use the word approx. in my description and put in a note that says it could be longer than 85 inches. Caveat Emptor.

It’s all about that evil gauge that will change with not only needle size but with the same yarn in a different color. As flexible as knitting is, it cannot run from gauge – even when gauge doesn’t matter. 

I cannot find my glasses. They have been lost since last Sunday. I asked Mr. H if he’s been able to find them and he informed me he hasn’t been looking. This morning he told me he put all the glasses he found on the bookcase.

“You found glasses?”
“I said I put all of the on the bookcase?”
All of them?”
“Four or five pair.”
“I have four or five pair of reading glasses. They were on the table.”
“I put them on the bookcase.”
“So you could see them and see if your glasses are there.”
“But I put them on the table. I already know my glasses aren’t there. So, you didn’t actually find anything new?’

Am I the only one?