We have donated the Corolla. After seventeen years of faithful service, Mr. Honey walked in the house and said it was time to donate it. The brakes gave out. Luckily, he was on a side street. It was easy to get the car to stop using the emergency brake.

We donated it to Willow Creek CARS Ministry. They take cars, repair them and give them away to folks who need transportation. If the car can be repaired and can get at least two years of use, then it will go to someone who has no means of transport.

One of my friends owns a service garage and he used to give a  car away every year. I was thinking of giving the car to him but he suggested Willow Creek. I submitted the application on line and they were in touch with me immediately. They made arrangements, arrived when they said they would and, hopefully, they will make the repairs and the car will continue to be of use.

Mr. Honey bought it for me as a birthday present but he took it for himself after he purchased a van. I didn’t think I would drive the van. I prefer it to the car. He’s talking of getting a pickup truck. I’ve always wanted one. There could be another switch.

I am reminded of how blessed we are. We are not wealthy but we are good. We have enough. There is room for generosity. I am proud and happy he thought of donating the car and I’m glad there’s a service that may be able to help someone. If the car can’t be repaired, they will junk it and the funds will go the ministry. That’s fine. But I’m hoping it can be used. It’s a selfish wish.