There are no words. Actually, that’s not true. There are plenty of words. They just aren’t good words. They are words that start with WTF? We said those words over and over Friday when we went to look at houses.

Yes, Mr. Honey and I are moving. Kinda. We have to move because it’s better for my legs to not have to constantly go up and down stairs. So after, heaven knows how long of getting him for real on board with us having to leave the only neighborhood he’s lived in his entire life, we went to look at houses.

We had a fairly decent price point in mind and I think folks are generally optimistic about what their money can buy them. Our agent lined up three houses that cost several hundreds of thousands of dollars. They were fairly close to where we are now because someone wants to stay in the neighborhood. That’s not gonna happen.

I can’t even describe which one was worse. Uneven floors, the house in disrepair except for a new room – usually a kitchen -which, I suppose was to distract you from the huge slant of the rest of the house. The last house fooled us because the outside looked lovely and the photos showed a light and airy interior with space. Our house is small; these places were supposed to be bigger. They weren’t. And of course, the place in the house where I thought I would have my yarn room/office was way smaller than what I have now. Deal breaker.

In the end, revamped the plan. We are looking for a condo on an interim basis because we really do have to get me in a place easier to move around.We will be on the hunt for a condo but I am better prepared for disappointment of photos to reality. The only word that matters is ‘Eureka!’

I came back home needing to knit something to remind myself there is something reliable out there. Knitting can crush you but it never disappoints.