A Snowy Day in Knitsville 

It’s a snowy day in Knitsville. 

The weather folk said we would have snow and we got it. I still have orders to get out so I went to JoAnn and Micheal’s to make sure I had all the fiber I needed to complete them just in case. 

Winter in Chicago

Photo by Alex Powell from Pexels

The snowfall wasn’t that bad. I even did a little shoveling to get the van out so I could pick up my choir robe that was in the cleaners and I made it to church on time. Once I got to the main street, it was all good.

But snowy days are good days to stay in and knit. I can knit in the summer on hot days but I have to admit, I have been missing snow just a little bit. Before this snow, the weather was in the 40s and while that’s nice – it’s not really winter. If you’re going to be in Chicago, you should have snow in January. Not massive Big Snow kind of snow but the kind we got this weekend.

The warm days were followed by the snow and the snow has been followed by cold…really cold cold. It’s been in the single digits and there’s no reason sane people should be out there – except sane people have to work. Though I work from home, I still have to venture out. I didn’t schedule a USPS pickup and orders have to go out so……

But I am appreciating the snow and I am looking forward to going downstairs, sitting in my chair with a comforter under me and an electric fleece blanket on top, and working on the pom-pom hat order and the afghan I have to get done for the family get together coming this Saturday.

Every day is a good day to knit in Knitsville, it’s why the place exists, but a snowy day in Knitsville…that’s extra special.