Don’t stop. It is what I have to tell myself every once in a while when I am feeling like I’m feeling now. It’s not quite bored but it’s not enthusiastic about my work, either.

I am finding when I leave the house to do something – like go get a blood test orget a teeth cleaning, even when the appointments are in the morning, I can’t get into my schedule. Today, I didn’t have anything to do outside and I still had some trouble getting something done. Things that usually go fast, like these mittens, are taking longer than they should.

 I find myself staring off into space – not thinking anything in particular – well, I’m thinking I should be working and not staring into space. I am working towards 14 finished objects to go into the shop. Why 14? Because I want to follow a tip I heard in a podcast and I want to see if it will make a difference in my shop.

What’s the tip: 

1. List something new

2. Renew a listing

3. Tweek a listing

4. Do three social media things a day – it doesn’t say if it has to be the same  platform – like three tweets.

I have a feeling this mike work because I’ve been doing something like it. This is more deliverate and intentional. I like that and it’r right up my alley has something I could do every morning. I think the podcast where I heard the tip is here. It’s going to take me a little bit to finish up 14 things but once I get them going, I’ll devise something to let you know how it’s going.