A New Collection

The last time we spoke, June 1st, I announced the 4,3,2,1 Collection was ready for pre-launch. I am excited to say that three weeks later, a new collection – the Deuces Wild Collection is almost ready for its pre-launch. 

I am working on the last pattern, that will actually be two patterns because I completed a pattern before the sample was done and then changed my mind and did a completely different scarf. But I don’t want it to go to waste, so it will be a two-fer.

As always,the Style Posse will get the first peek at the entire collection and will be able to shop it before it gets launched on designbcb.

As a reminder of that the Style Posse gets for signing up:
25% percent off
Sneak peeks at lines before they launch
Chance to purchase ready to ship before anybody else
Being first in line for back ordered items
A gift bag with each item purchase

Sign up here.

So, what’s in the new collection? Just like the 4,3,2,1 Collection, it is a combination of designbcb bestsellers and new items. It’s called Deuces Wild because while there are 3 new patterns (hat, cowl and scarf) and 1 new version of the Lacy Slouchy, there’s 2 Taffy Pull Scarves, 2 Cable Slouchy hats and 2 new basic beanies. These beanies are knit with men in mind but would look great on women as well.

The collection should be available for the sneak peek in the next week or two. The scarf has LOTS of sequins and that adds just a little time. Then it has to be photographed and readied for the launch. There’s a lot that goes on once the needles are put down.

Something else to look forward to: a slew of yarn reviews. With this collection I used A.C. Moore’s house yarn, Ice Yarns Tweed, I Love This Yarn Print, Ice Yarn Acrylic, Red Heart Unforgettable, Lion Brand Jeans and maybe one or two more. All will be reviewed shortly. There are some pretty nice yarns to work with.

Enjoy your summer!

Photo by Rijan Hamidovicfrom Pexels