You see this? This is my new photography studio. I have cleared the space in the yarn room directly behind this desk and I can actually see outside in the backyard. Let’s not talk about the last time I could see the view unobstructed – or the last time I could see the view at all.

It looks a little dark but that’s because I took the photo later in the afternoon. This morning, sunlight is pouring through it and I already have the thought of there the white boards are going. One to act as a background and the other to reflect the light unto the heads or torsos. It works well in my head but when it comes to execution, well, let’s just hope for the best.

I am making these plans to give the weather angels something to laugh at. Last winter Chicago found itself in a polar vortex that made Frosty stay by the fireplace with a warm mug of ale. Taking photos out in real temperatures of minus insert double digit here was not fun and was dangerous. This year, there is the studio. Winter has already showed its head here. It snowed and was really cold on Halloween. There’s been a little snow since then but not much but this is me preparing. Which sent the eternal weather office into smirks. We will probably have a warm winter. Ha, little angels. I can deal with that, too. Maybe I shouldn’t mock weather angels. Maybe they will bring a weather so fierce, ice will freeze up the windows blocking my light and making it necessary for me to try work outdoors. Did I just give them ideas? Better quit while I’m behind ahead.

In other news, the EDS and I are making friends. I am in the final shaping stage. that part of the sweater where you need two balls of yarn to do the decreases. I can see the end of the instructions and they are a few rows away. Knit math has reared its head and I did a count of stitches and found I was off first by a lot then by a little. So I continued on and count again and found I am off by one stitch somewhere. This is what I get for following the instructions. Not I get to improvise to bring it all back into balance. So, like usual, I’m not following the pattern to the letter. This is how it works.

There;s another page of the pattern after this one. The finishing page. Can’t wait to see what I ignore about that one. It will be something. There will be no choice. I haven’t followed it at points all the way through. The finishing will have to be adjusted just on odds. Soon and very soon. This is the exciting part. The still here but moving on part. I’ve chosen the pattern for the afghans I want to do. Both of them will be the same. One will be a solid color and the other will be variegated yarn. The story about how I got to that pattern is kinda cute. In a typical way for me kind of cute. Tell ya later.