blankets made by beverly bochenek for designbcb

A Prayer Blanket Ministry. Our newly formed craft circle at work has already laid the foundation for it. We just have to get the skills up enough to create the squares that will make the blanket. If you were curious about prayer shawl ministries, click and learn a little.

I believe we can make a difference in the lives of people we come in contact with and with the people they come in contact with. It is the ripple effect and that ripple can start with anyone.

One of the ways to incorporate individual prayer time with the creation of prayer blankets is to knit squares and do a prayer with each one. Perhaps one will be a prayer for peace; one for gratitude, hope, love, compassion, patience. There is nothing that can’t be prayed about and shared with in hope for others. When blankets are compiled, they will be filled with a multitude of prayer that covers just about everything. Each blanket will be different and uniquely prayed over. 

I like that thought.

In other news, I finished by third craft show. I made money at all but the first one.  There may be one more to do if I can get in at the last minute. I am also thinking about doing some in the warmer months which means making things like dish/wash cloths, scrubbies, scrunchies and market bags. Also, cup cozies. I will have to make those anyway because those are the things, along with blankets, that go into the Goimagine shop and I need to get that going or else I am just contributing to another business instead of my own.

It’s going to busy all year round and I am beginning to appreciate the gift of time and the blessings of work to do. I can see why they say youth is wasted on the young!