Like this sweater? So do I. It’s called Siberia and you can see it for yourself. It’s a free pattern from Drops. They have some interesting (read strange) patterns over there. They have about five pages of men’s sweaters and three of the five frighten me. But this is a sweater I can get behind. A quick glance shows while it may consume some time, it’s not a particularly hard pattern.

I have been after Mr. Honey to knit him a sweater. It’s been more than 20 years so I’m thinking the boyfriend sweater curse ain’t nothing to fear. Every time I approach the subject, I am met with the same answer: No Way.

I am not allowed to make him a sweater. Because he won’t wear it. He has, he says, a drawer full of sweaters that he does not wear. I can attest to this. He wears sweaters maybe once in the winter season and that’s because we’re going somewhere. The sweater he wears the most is a sweater my late mom gave him – so that’s something. And I haven’t seen him in it for years. So I get it.

Except I don’t get it. 

I don’t think he gets that I wouldn’t bug him to wear the sweater. I just want him to have it. There’s a tradition here that he’s just not getting with and,honestly, our marriage is so solid that this can be considered an issue. He looks good in sweaters. He has a long torso that’s made for wearing sweaters. So every other year or so when he wears a sweater, he can wear the one I make him. And alternate between that one and the one Mom gave him. I don’t see why he doesn’t get the romance of it.

He will wear a scarf. He will wear a scarf I knit. In fact, that’s what he takes. He has two scarves I made and he took the scarf that came with my coat. Yes, I know. I can make him a scarf. But I want to make a sweater, dang it. I’ve made a sweater for women and for kids but never for a guy. I wanted him to be my first. Is that so wrong?