The first photo taken in the studio. Not so bad considering it was early evening and the outside was a lot darker than it looked.

This just might work. I should know soon because the EDS is almost done. Though we were working to do each other in for a moment.

The EDS had a little laugh at my expense. Made me wonder if we the friends I thought we were coming to be. Now, I am beginning to think it wants to be done as much as I want it to be done.

Here’s what happened. I got to the shaping part and had to write out the instructions because it was one of those: do this for the next two rows twice and then do it once for four more times and then do this kind of thing and at the end, you should have 20 stitches on both sides – because you’re using two different balls of yarn to shape the shoulders.and doing the neck shaping at the same time. So, I charted it out so I could tick off the stitches. And I counted and sure enough, if I did just what it said, I would have 20 stitches. 

I went about my business and when I was done, I thought I would count and admire my magic. Not only did I have more than 20 stitches, I had more stitches on one side than I did on the other.

Because, I somehow had a brain burp and didn’t realize I would have to do that entire decrease thing on both sides. I would have to perform each step twice. So, I had to do recalculation with where I was and proceed. The bottom line is the decreases are done. There are the requisite 20 stitches on each side. I lined up the front with the back and the arm stitches, shoulder stitches and the length of both pieces all line up. I have to do one row straight and then bind off.

I read ahead (won’t fool me again) and saw the turtleneck instructions – which I ain’t gonna follow. At least not completely. There’s a section where you knit, do a turning row, knit some more and then stitch the last row of the neck to the first part.. I’m gonna leave the turtleneck free so it can be turned either way, making the sweater reversible. There’s no inside or outside. 

I am cautiously optimistic – another brain burp notwithstanding.