Never will I ever knit this. Well, maybe I would. Jesus could order me to make it. But it will have to be a handwritten note. Every year, this thing shows up on my Facebook feed and some friend (more than one) will think it clever and ask me to make it for them. My answer is always a variant of: No. Hell, no. I would rather stick needles in my eyes, I would rather stick needles in your eyes. and No, but thank you so much for thinking of me.

I’m upset someone even made the one in the photo and messed up knit life for the rest of us. The only thing that matches my frustration is when spring comes, they’ll send me the one with the men in the crocheted shorts; skinny as hell and psoing like Madonna.

This is a rite of passage for serious knitters. Those who know how to knit may not have to go through with it. There is a difference between a knitter and someone who knows how to knit. Big difference – IYKYK. Google Bad Knitting. Look at the images. We suffer for our craft.

Speaking of the craft

I am on square 9 of 20. It is the trinity stitch so I don’t have to look at the instructions. The 4 row repeat is pretty easy to pin down. I have one more square to make with the varigated yarn and then I will move on to make the 10 cream squares. They will all the the same and crocheted instead of knit so it will go faster. Never will I ever complain about that.

I finished with the Ten Commandments digital stickers. They are being prepped to be sold. Somehow doing that led to the creation of the new logo at the top of the home page. It was fun making it and I think adds to the personality.