Knitting and Netflix. Tis the season. To be fair, knitting and Netflix is a year-round thing with me. But at this time of year, knitting includes endless watching of Christmas movies.

 So, that means knitting with Netflix, Hulu, Prime (Hallmark and Acorn), even YouTube. And movies

This season will last well into the new year. It might border Valentine’s Day. It’s hokey and formulaic but that’s part of the joy of it. I count on them when I am feeling stressed about orders and if I will get them and if I can get them out on time. 

Movie madness will ease when the orders are filled, and I can go back to calm and peaceful knitting instead of the furious pace of order fulfillment.

Having something on while I’m working is a perk of this particular job. Some would say it’s a distraction and I can see how they get there when I am so engrossed in a scene that I forget to work. But that is a rare occurrence. It is infinitely worse when there is nothing on and I am making the same hat that I made yesterday and the day before that and the day before that.

The formula movie with just enough of a plot change and a cast of non-stars or B list actors or actors who were A- list actors who are now in almost every Hallmark movie keeps interest alive. If I want a grittier kind of feel good movie, I can switch from Hallmark to Lifetime. It’s the same formula but with an evil sister, co-worker, ex or secretary. Kinda Halloween and Christmas mash up.

I am not alone in this: Christmas movies are plentiful because they are watched. Some folk don’t even have work as an excuse. Nor do they need one. It’s a little slice of peace and happiness and if that isn’t what Christmas is about then there’s no point in making a movie at all.